What to avoid if you're afraid of ageing

If you're worried about premature aging, or you want to
get your skin in better shape so that you look and feel
younger, there are 2 important things to avoid.

Can you guess what they are?

One is pretty obvious; the other not always the case.

1: Sugar
A diet high in sugar accelerates the process of glycation,
which ages skin.

You see, glycation is when excess glucose attaches to your
skin's proteins (the collagen and elastin that makes
you look younger) and turns them dry and brittle.

So do your best to minimize your sugar intake. Not only will
it make your skin look younger but you'll ultimately lose

Win-Win! ;)

2: Smoking
Smoking can speed up the aging process of your skin.

Smoking also causes yellowing of the teeth, reduces vitamin
absorption, restricts blood flow, and causes discoloration
of the skin.

Those are 2 main things you'll want to avoid but there
are a few other culprits to look out for.

This includes:

Processed Foods
Eating too many processed foods can lead to serious damage
in your skin's collagen which will result in wrinkles and
dry, aged skin.

Worse, they are tied to heart disease and diabetes!

* Deep Fried Foods
Any food that is deep fried in oil will add inflammation
to your skin, especially trans fats.

It an also raise your LDL cholesterol and lower
good cholesterol.

* Fatty Meats
Avoid meats that are high in saturated fats. They'll
reduce collagen production which will leave your skin
dry and wrinkled. Instead, focus on buying lean meats
whenever possible.

* Alcohol
Heavy drinks speeds up the aging process. It's also
not good for your heart, kidneys or liver. Drink in
moderation. A glass of wine a day can actually be
good for your heart but watch your intake levels!